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What we do


Chocolate making is a sensitive and laborious process with a lot of Goldilocks rules (things have to be just right) and at Melt, we pride ourselves on controlling every aspect of it.

Our first step is working with cacao farmers from Vietnam and Kerala as they are one of the best in the world. We taste the raw beans (which are as bitter as a washed-up reality star, let us tell you!) and with our oversight, the beans are fermented in wooden crates with banana leaves. Cacao Beam

The beans are then dried in the sun until they are completely moisture free – think an open field in May, that’s how dry we are talking.

Based on the initial taste test, our chocolate maker, would have guessed the roasting time needed for each batch and will hand-roast small batches in varying temperatures until she teases out the perfect chocolatey aroma.Dried Cacao Bean

The roasted and cooled beans are cracked into nibs. The nibs are ground for 36 to 48 hours and the result we get is chocolate liquor – a gooey wonder that is exactly as delicious as it sounds filled with the goodness of cacao butter and the seductive allure of liquid chocolate.

Our chocolate maker, works the magic until the chocolate liqour reaches its destiny as a chocolate bar with the perfect taste, snap, mouth feel (yeah, it’s not the best way to describe chocolate but hey, that’s what the experts look for) and melt. She does this by pouring the mass of chocolate liquor in a temperature controlled room and tempers it until it is just right.

Cacao Butter

In addition, we don’t separate cacao butter from the beans when we make our chocolate. We retain all of the cacao butter goodness so our chocolates will melt in your mouth. Good quality cacao beans contain 40% to 50% cacao butter.

The percentage in a chocolate bar refers to the % of cacao in it. Our 72% Dark Chocolate bar is 72% cacao goodness (cacao beans + cacao butter) and 28% sugar.

When it comes to sweeteners, we choose between coconut, palm, brown, muscovado or refined sugar (only for the 48% milk chocolate) to enhance the flavor profile of the chocolate. Our vegan coconut milk chocolate made with coconut milk is sweetened with coconut sugar to enhance the velvety taste. Our chocolates are completely gluten free and soya free so you can now indulge with no guilt.

No Preservatives

If you care about your health, learn to read the ingredients label. You’ll be shocked to see that the first ingredient in most mass-produced chocolates will be sugar even before cocoa solids. The same when it comes to nut butters – often they’ll list the nut, corn syrup and sugar along with many other ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

A good rule of thumb most clean eaters follow is that if they can’t pronounce an ingredient, they don’t put it in their body. We follow the same principle in our business because we believe health cannot be traded for a profit margin and that’s why all our offerings are free from refined sugar, preservatives, fillers and stabilisers. Our range of chocolates has an additional bonus of being vegan, soya free and gluten-free.

Environmental Friendly

We aim for a sustainable business model with zero wastage and zero impact on the environment.