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Unique of Melt Chocolate

Micro Batch Chocolate

Our chocolates are handcrafted in micro batches using only the finest natural and organic ingredients. Each chocolate is designed to create a unique and memorable experience. Our chocolates are made using traditional techniques.

Single Origin Chocolate

Our chocolate bars are made from beans that have been carefully selected for their flavor and quality. We use only the finest single origin cacao beans to create our chocolate. Our chocolate is made from beans that are sourced from UTZ Certified farms.

Fair Trade Certified Cocoa

The cocoa beans used in our chocolate are UTZ certified. The Fair certification also helps to ensure that the farmers are using sustainable farming practices. We source the ingredients from the farmers as much as possible.

Soy free and Gluten free Chocolate

All of our chocolates are soy free and gluten free. Our chocolate is made in a dedicated facility that does not process any soy or wheat products. We use only the finest ingredients in our chocolate and do not use any soy lecithin or other soy products in our chocolate.

Chocolate from Honest Ingredients

The chocolate is made with only the finest natural and high quality ingredients. We use no artificial flavors, no artifical colors in our chocolate. And no cocoa solids in our artisan chocolate. Our chocolates contains only the few ingredients mentioned in the label.

Preservative Free & Refined Sugar free

We do not use any preservatives or refined sugars in our chocolate. Our chocolate is also diabetic friendly and low in sugar. Our chocolate has a longer shelf life, if stored in a cool dry place becuase of natural ingredients and rich cocoa butter.

Welcome to BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates

Bean to Bar Chocolates

There are a few things that you should know about bean to bar chocolate, and how it's different from the average chocolate that you would find at your local grocery store.

First of all, bean to bar chocolate is made from scratch using only the finest ingredients. That means that each and every batch of chocolate is slightly different, and unique in its own way. It is handcrafted by Bean to Bar makers with added cocoa butter and natural sugars.

Second of all, because bean to bar chocolate is made from scratch, the process of making it is much longer and more complicated than your typical chocolate. It can take up to two weeks to make a batch of bean to bar chocolate, which is why it's often more expensive than other types of chocolate.

Third, and most importantly, bean to bar chocolate is simply the best tasting chocolate that you will ever have. It's rich, creamy, and has a deep, complex flavor that you won't find in any other chocolate. The rich flavor and smooth texture are unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Fourthly, because of the long process and high quality ingredients, bean to bar chocolate is also much healthier for you than your average chocolate. Most mass-produced chocolates are made with unhealthy ingredients like artificial flavors, preservatives, and even trans fats.

Fifthly, each craft chocolate bar is made from a specific type of the cacao bean, which gives each bar its own unique flavor. The bean to bar chocolate making not just retains cocoa butter from the beans, it has more added cocoa butter.

Sixthly, these small batch chocolate allows the bean to bar chocolate makers to have more control over the quality of the chocolate. This also means that bean to bar chocolate is often more artisanal, and has a more unique flavor than your average chocolate. That means that each chocolate bar is truly a work of art, and you can taste the love and care that went into making it.

Lastly, we use only the finest ingredients in our chocolate bars, including sustainably sourced cacao beans, and other ingredients.

All of these things combine to make bean to bar chocolate the best choice for anyone who loves chocolate.

If you're looking for a delicious, unique, and healthy chocolate option, then look no further than BeeTee's Melt Chocolates!!