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World Chocolate Day

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Amidst the different festivals celebrated around the world, World Chocolate Day or International Chocolate day is celebrated on the 7th of July every year.

Its significance lies in uniting people across nations with one love for this divine confectionery that has captured hearts and minds all over the world.

For centuries chocolate has been an ingredient of luxury items and chocolate bars were considered as a treat for the rich.

History of World Chocolate day

World Chocolate Day is first celebrated in 2006 with an aim to promote awareness about chocolate.

World Chocolate day is celebrated on July 7th to mark the entry of chocolate in Europe. World Chocolate day 2021, International Chocolate day 2021, World cacao Day, World cocoa day 2021,

The entry of chocolate into Europe in the 15th century made chocolate as a food for commoners within a few decades and open a new world for chocolate and chocolate lovers.

Objectives of Chocolate day

The main objective of this day is to increase the awareness of the chocolate industry and thus, consumers about chocolate's goodness.

It also promotes the socially and environmentally friendly sourcing of cacao and the ethical manufacturing of chocolates.

People celebrate this day by indulging in the sweet treat and it is important to know what all goes into making a chocolate bar: cocoa beans, sugar, and cocoa butter.

History of chocolate and cocoa

The word “chocolate” comes from the Mayan language which means "bitter water".

Cocoa pods are harvested by hand from the cacao tree. The beans are actually seeds contained in large pods of a tree called cacao tree which also goes by name Theobroma Cacao or “Cocoa Tree” in Greek.

Cocoa and Chocolate have been around since 1900 BC and their roots go all the way back to ancient Mesoamerica.

It was the Aztec emperor Montezuma who was said to consume it in beverage form made of ground cocoa beans mixed with water, chili pepper, and cornmeal.

It became popular in Central America with Mayan and Aztec cultures that considered it as a gift from God and considered as currency. Cacao Bean, Theobrama Cocoa, World Chocolate Day 2021, International Chocolate day 2021

History of Chocolate and Cacao in Europe

It has been recorded that Columbus tasted chocolate on his fourth voyage across the Atlantic and brought cocoa beans back to Spain.

It is believed that before Columbus discovered America, nobody in Europe had ever heard of chocolate or cocoa.

In Europe chocolate became popular only when the Spanish had brought over cocoa from Mexico in 1544.

It became a drink of choice for Spanish aristocracy and the Pope. After that, both Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine were said to be great fans of chocolate.

It took more than 3000 years to reach Europe as the Aztecs considered it as a royal drink served only to nobles and warriors, not commoners.

The world's oldest documented tree, named "Herrania Gispert No1" or "Cacao Tree", stood close to 70 feet tall before it fell over due to a lightning strike at an estimated age of 3,500 years old.

Various other days dedicated to chocolates

In addition to World Chocolate day, various other days are dedicated to chocolate as follows,

Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Bittersweet Chocolate Day is celebrated on January 10th of every year and was created by The Chocolate Manufacturers Association.

This day is dedicated to chocolate that's made with at least 35% cacao (or unsweetened chocolate). Bittersweet chocolate is also called dark chocolate or semisweet chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Day

Milk Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 28th of every year and is also dedicated to chocolate that contains at least 10% cocoa butter and 13.5 % milk solids. Milk Chocolate Day is also called Chocolate Lover's day

White Chocolate Day

It is celebrated on September 22nd of every year and is dedicated to chocolate that is made from cocoa butter, milk solids, and sugar. To qualify chocolate as white, a product must have at least 20% total dry cocoa solids and 14% milkfat.

Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Chocolate Covered Anything Day is celebrated on December 16th of every year and is dedicated to chocolate that's used in the dipping of fruits, pretzels, cookies, or any food item.

World Cocoa Day

International Cocoa Day is celebrated on October 1st of every year and is a day when we celebrate the world of cocoa.

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What you can do on International Chocolate day

While many countries have their traditions of celebrating World Chocolate Day, here are some things you can do on this special day-

  • Try a New Chocolate on World Chocolate day.
  • Experiment with Recipes with dark chocolate to celebrate International Chocolate Day.
  • Host a chocolate party with your loved ones!
  • Indulge in a bar of your favorite dark chocolate or milk chocolate!!
  • Order the single origin bean to bar artisan chocolate from BeeTee's Melt Chocolate on this chocolate day.

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