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Why You Should Choose Bean To Bar Chocolate: Everything You Need to Know

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Chocolate is a sweet treat that many people enjoy, but there are different types of chocolate. Chocolate can be made in factories or it can be made by hand in small batches with beans imported from the tropics. Bean to bar chocolate is becoming increasingly popular because it has fewer additives and better quality ingredients. Read this article for everything you need to know about bean to bar chocolate!

Before getting into the benefits of bean to bar chocolate, let's understand what is bean to bar chocolate.

What is Bean to Bar Chocolate?

Bean to bar chocolate is an artisanal version of chocolate that is made from the cocoa bean and produced in small batches. In contrast to factory-made chocolates that contain fillers and flavorings, bean-to-bar chocolates are made with only cocoa beans and a little sugar by chocolate makers themselves.

Bean to Bar Artisan Chocolates is a high-quality product free of emulsifiers and additives typically found in large factory-made brands.

The chocolate makers are involved in the selection and identification of the whole beans of cacao. Chocolate makers roast, winnow, grind and conch the beans themselves for their final product. And enjoys the art of tempering chocolate by hand and finally resulting in high-quality chocolate.

Chocolate varies depending on where it was grown which means each bar of bean to bar chocolate will have a different taste. For instance, Cacao Beans for BeeTee’s Melt Chocolate is imported from UTZ Certified farms from Vietnam.

Bean to bar chocolate is always premium quality because of the control exerted over every step of the chocolate making process.

Bean-to-bar chocolate is also referred to as craft chocolate, or Artisan.

Why You Should Choose Bean To Bar Chocolate?

Here are some reasons why you should choose bean to bar chocolate!

It preserves traditional methods of making chocolate - roasted, ground cocoa beans.

The process of making bean to bar chocolate takes a lot of time and patience- just like winemaking! It starts with harvesting cocoa beans. The beans are then roasted to develop flavor, ground into a rich chocolate paste, and molded into bars.

This gives chocolate makers more control over the entire process and allows them to preserve traditional methods of making chocolate.

Bean to bar chocolates also uses traditional handcraft techniques that preserve the original flavor of cocoa which is sweeter than most other chocolate on the market!

 Bean to Bar Artisan Chocolate, Cacao Bean, Cocoa Bean, Cacao pod

Whereas mass-produced chocolate uses couverture chocolate which contains far lesser cocoa butter and more cocoa solids, bean to bar chocolates contain only natural cocoa butter.

It is handcrafted with care- small batches ensure quality control.

When a chocolate maker makes a bean to bar, they use the finest ingredients that are sure to delight your taste buds. The chocolate maker controls every step of the process which means well-thought-out recipes, patience in every step of the process, and handcrafting each batch of chocolate one at a time.

Quality cacao nibs are grounded for 48 hours and more in small batches to ensure smoothness while sugar is carefully blended to maintain the perfect texture.

Bean-to-bar makers also produce lesser quantities, making sure that high-quality ingredients are used at every step of production to create a smoother taste without any additives or chemicals often found in large factory brands. For instance, BeeTee's Melt Chocolate makes chocolates in micro-batch which produces less than 120 chocolates in each batch. This ensures that they can carefully control the quality of their ingredients.

Unlike commercial production of chocolate where machines can do most of the work, handcrafted bean to bar chocolate requires time and patience in every step of the production process from sorting cacao beans. This results in chocolate that is more pure and flavorful with a rich texture and the consumers receive premium chocolate.

It has better ingredients than factory-made chocolates.

Since there are fewer steps involved in making bean-to-bar chocolate than mass produced chocolates, the finished product contains fewer additives and better ingredients!

Many people enjoy sweet treats but do not want unnecessary ingredients like emulsifiers or flavorings which can be found in factory made chocolate.

In contrast, bean to bar chocolate is as natural as possible and is suitable for those with special dietary needs as it does not contain additives or preservatives. For instance, BeeTee's Melt Chocolate is 100% Preservative free, Soy free and Gluten free.Cacao bean, bean to bar chocolate, artisan chocolate, single origin, all natural

In addition to this, makers of bean-to-bar chocolate also tend to use local ingredients which makes the product a little more unique and special. For instance, BeeTee's Melt Chocolate uses locally sourced cocoa butter from Kerala, God's own Country.

It is available in different and distinct flavors - single origin cacao beans have distinct tastes!

Since bean-to-bar chocolate makers start with individual Theobroma cocoa beans instead of premade couverture or compound, fine chocolates of bean to bar are refined in the flavors in unique ways to create unique tastes!

Instead of creating new chocolates with a factory made chocolate base like in most countries, makers of bean-to-bar chocolate use traditional refining techniques that preserve the original flavor of cocoa which is sweeter than most other chocolate on the market!

Whereas mass-produced chocolate uses couverture chocolate which contains far lesser cocoa butter and more cocoa solids, bean to bar chocolates contain only natural cocoa butter.

Single origin chocolate bars are made from single origin cacao beans and cacao butter which means that every flavor is more distinct. While some flavors may be familiar like dark chocolate or milk chocolate, other flavors can be unusual like BeeTee's Melt 54% Coconutmilk Chocolate.

The flavor of bean-to-bar chocolate lasts longer than factory-made chocolate.

Since each batch is handcrafted one at a time and the finest ingredients are used to make it, artisanal chocolates like BeeTee's Melt Chocolate last longer than most other types of chocolate! It has more cocoa butter and less additives so it will not go bad quickly like most chocolate.

If you buy this product as a gift for your friend who loves chocolate, there is no way they won't love its special qualities! They can relish every bite knowing that it's made with care and does not contain any preservatives or chemicals. Whereas the big factory produce chocolate from baking chocolate and uses more preservatives and fillers.Cacao bean, cocoa bean, chocolate, chocolate gifting, chocolate branding

In addition to this, real single origin chocolate bars can be stored for a longer duration since it does not contain any additives or added artificial flavors and it has more cocoa butter and fewer additives so it does not go bad as quickly as factory made chocolate bars. The flavor will also stay true for significantly longer.

It is healthier than typical chocolate.

Bean to bar chocolate does not contain additives that are found in other chocolates such as emulsifiers and flavorings, making it much healthier than most other types of chocolate.

It contains a higher proportion of cocoa nibs and natural ingredients which means more antioxidants! In addition to this, the flavor is also better as every maker of bean-to-bar chocolate uses high-quality ingredients and 100% natural flavors without any flavorings.

The more sugar and cream there is in a piece of mass-produced chocolate, the less pure it will be because these two things dilute the flavor so they have to add extra flavoring agents. This makes commercial brands filled with unnecessary sugars and fats- definitely not something you want when craving something sweet!

For instance, BeeTee's Melt Chocolate contains no soy lecithin or emulsifiers like milkfat found in many factory-made brands. It also does not use any flavors or vanilla added to the cocoa butter like artificial vanilla usually used by manufacturers to mask the bad flavour and the smell from the unnecessary fillers and additives and to make their products sweeter and more appealing!

Bean to bar chocolate also contains fewer sugars and no additives. It's definitely better for your health!

It's the perfect gift if you can't eat dairy products - contains no milk powder or dairy ingredients.

If you or someone you know cannot eat dairy products because of allergies or other health issues, then there is no question that you should gift them this. In fact, if you or your friend is vegan or vegetarian, buying them the real single origin bean to bar chocolate will make their day since they can indulge in a delicious piece without any guilt.

But most factory-made chocolates come with specific flavor profiles that are not always appealing to all. For instance, if you like dark chocolate then it's almost impossible to find a piece that is both tasty and good for you! Dark chocolate usually contains more cocoa solids which makes it bitter and less sweet.

Conversely, when making their own products, makers of single origin chocolates can add up to 100% fine cacao bean instead of cacao solids, giving each bar an incredible depth of flavor without being too harsh on the palate.

Sending friends and family our handmade bars of artisanal fine chocolate solidifies the bond between loved ones and makes special occasions even more memorable whether it's for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays!

It is perfect for people with special dietary habits.

If you have a friend with allergies, intolerances, or dietary restrictions, buying them single origin bean to bar chocolate will make their day and show that you care and love them! It can be hard finding chocolates that contain no preservatives, dairy products, emulsifiers, and added sugars.

Bean to bar chocolate is handmade in small batches by fine bar chocolate makers who take great pride in what they do which means the quality of ingredients is always exceptional. If someone has special dietary needs such as gluten-intolerance or nut allergies then it's easy for them to eat this type of chocolate since it contains absolutely no allergens.

The people will not feel like they are missing out on anything because real artisanal chocolate is made without any preservatives, emulsifiers, and flavorings. The best part is that it contains no additives whatsoever which make it a healthier alternative to most other types of chocolate!

Bean-to-bar chocolate doesn't contain any hydrogenated oils

Most mass-produced chocolates contains totally unnatural trans fats which can clog arteries and raise chances of heart attack. This hydrogenated fat is a cheap filler ingredient that keeps chocolate from melting in warmer weather. It also affects smoothness, flavor and shelf life.

With factory-made chocolates containing hydrogenated oils, you have to be wary of possible additives in the chocolate bars because they are mostly unhealthy and not good for your body. Hydrogenated oils are not good for health because they can lead to a range of serious health problems, from heart disease and diabetes to premature aging.

As mentioned previously, every single origin bean to bar chocolate maker works with high quality ingredients to make their products stand out from the rest which means they do not add hydrogenated oils or any other contaminants when making their fine chocolate bars.

You'll know exactly what ingredients are in your chocolate

It's difficult to know what ingredients are in your mass scale chocolate industry-produced chocolate bar, the origin of those ingredients, and where that chocolate was made.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you're eating high quality fine chocolate because most of the time, all you're getting is a dark bar with cocoa powder on it or something that has so many additives that there isn't anything left except for sugar.

Grounding chocolate, bean to bar, single origin chocolate

But when buying bean-to-bar chocolate, you can always expect them to explain exactly what type of cocoa beans they use as well as the country where they were sourced from.

This ensures that people will get exactly what they want without any surprises since these makers strive to be transparent and honest about every detail. For instance, BeeTee's Melt Chocolate does not contain any ingredients others than the ones mentioned in it.

It is eco-friendly and fair trade choice

The best part about buying chocolate bars made by craft chocolate makers vs. factory made chocolates is that you are doing something good for the environment. Since everything used to create this type of candy is organic and uses no emulsifiers or preservatives, there are zero additives which means one less thing polluting up our Earth!

BeeTee's Melt Chocolate sources the cacao bean from UTZ Certified farms, which ensures that farmers and workers and their families are not exploited and that the farms meet strict environmental, social and economic criteria. And it ensures that the cacao pods are handled properly.

Small batch chocolate uses lesser plastic, creates lesser waste, and uses more manpower and the whole process is Eco friendly.

All Natural

All Natural in the chocolate bar refers to using natural ingredients. When buying craft chocolate made with beans rather than cocoa powder, you can expect a richer flavor and smoother texture without any hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

Namely, the only ingredients typically used to make these types of chocolate bars are sugar, theobroma cacao beans. Not much else is needed! The best part about this type of chocolate is that you will feel like you're actually eating real food since there isn't anything artificial in there.Grounding cacao bean, cacao butter, dark chocolate, chocolate, Coconutmilk chocolate

You'll be able to taste the true flavor of chocolate without any funny aftertastes or fillers. You will enjoy the real chocolate without complex flavors by bean to bar makers.

So when choosing between mass produced chocolate bars vs. bean-to-bar chocolates, remember that it's all about quality, health, and the environment.

Multiple options are available

People tend to think that Bean to bar Indian Chocolate confections and chocolate products are available in single favour but it is available various flavour profile including flavoured bars, white chocolate, milk chocolate bars, drinking chocolate, chocolate snacks and cacao mass. Conscious people are making bean to bar in the home using cacao nibs instead of raw cacao beans.

People prefer to eat dark chocolate or milk chocolate with proper flavorings and taste as they are used to those. That is for those people who do not like the real bitter flavour of cacao beans, they should go for flavoured chocolates. And chocolate tastes unique.


With so many benefits, it's easy to see why you should choose handmade chocolate over the mass-produced stuff. If you have never had real artisan chocolate from a small batch or bean to bar chocolate maker before, then now is your chance!

You can enjoy the good chocolate while also knowing that it's best for you, the environment, and the people who are making it. So don't delay any longer! These types of chocolate can definitely give you a new appreciation for what goes into the creation process and the taste itself. You'll never want to go back to those artificial tasting products ever

bean to bar chocolate india Cacao butter, Melt Chocolate

Remember that choosing something that's not organic means consuming more chemicals than necessary as well as adding more waste material than necessary both environmentally as well as financially.

People who consume such chocolates are often unaware of this fact because most other niche markets don't tell you about their processes so we hope we were able to clear up any questions or doubts you might have had about bringing some craft chocolate home with you after reading

Are you keen on trying some of this premium chocolate? Now is your chance! BeeTee's Melt Chocolate uses only natural ingredients which makes it a great choice for people with dietary restrictions like those who are vegan or lactose intolerant.

Visit BeeTee's Melt Chocolate to know more and to enjoy the chocolate

Bean to Bar Chocolate Chocolate

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