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Types of Chocolate

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You might think that all chocolate is pretty much the same, but you couldn't be more wrong! There are many different types of chocolate, and it all depends on the ingredients and where the chocolate is from.

The type of cocoa bean used to make the chocolate is really important too. Furthermore, how it was processed makes a big difference to quality and taste. Chocolate can be white or dark (which means whether it's been through the roasting process).

There are also types of chocolate like semi-sweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and unsweetened chocolate. Some people like them because they're bitter, some don't like them at all! Then there are milk chocolates, which contain dairy products.

Desserts can be made better with chocolate. It's one of the most common ingredients used in many types of desserts. There are different kinds of chocolate that can be used for different purposes.

So remember that all types of chocolate are not created equal and shop for the one you like best!


Chocolate is a food item that many people enjoy. It can be bought in many different forms and flavors, but the main ingredient is always cacao beans.

Theobroma Cacao is the scientific name for cocoa beans. They are seeds of a tropical fruit that grows on trees, called cacao pods. Cocoa beans are found inside of these pods. When they are ripe, they are harvested and removed from their pod.

The fermentation process enhances the flavor of the cocoa beans, which comes from how it changes chemical compounds within itself during this process. Fermentation is one reason why dark chocolate has more complex flavors than other kinds do.

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History of chocolate

Theobroma means "food of the gods", and chocolate was considered an aphrodisiac and to improve the life span by ancient Mayans and Aztecs, who drank it in their temples.

Human beings have been eating chocolate since at least 1900 BC when people living in Central America found that fermenting ground cacao beans produced a fragrant foam on top of the water. This was mixed with spices like chili peppers or vanilla, or honey or corn syrup to make a frothy drink which the Maya believed to be a divine drink that should only be consumed by nobles.

The Mayan emperor Montezuma II first made a version of hot chocolate around 1519, called xocolatl ("bitter water"), using ground cacao beans, maize, and various spices.

Although created in Central America and perfected throughout Europe after being introduced there, Christopher Columbus did not bring cocoa beans to the New World, as many people think. Though that is a common myth, Columbus himself never made that claim.

Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés may have been the first European to encounter it, as he reportedly sent cocoa beans back to Spain after his third voyage to the Americas. The Spaniards recognized the value of both the fruit and its related beverage by promoting both equity and what they considered superior taste qualities of chocolate over competing herbal drinks such as wine, pomegranate seed tea, or coca leaf infusion.

After that, chocolate grows as major food and it became popular all over the world.

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Making of Chocolate

Making chocolate is a process that takes time and energy. There are different ways to make it and in the end, the type of chocolate can differ quite a bit!

The first thing that's done to cacao beans is to separate them from their husks. This is accomplished by fermenting them for 10-14 days. They are then dried out with hot air, which takes about 6-8 hours. Once this has been completed, the cocoa beans are ready to have their shells removed.

This is where one of two processes begin, winnowing or crushing. Winnowing removes the shells using wind while crushing uses a stone wheel to grind up the beans. These beans are then roasted and ground up to make cacao nibs.

Once this has been completed, cocoa butter can be removed from the other components in order to make solid chocolate bars. Instead, cocoa butter is separated out through "conching." Conching requires that cocoa powder be mixed with sugar and then run through steel rollers for up to 72 hours! This mixing reduces bitterness levels in chocolate, but also helps it melt smoother too.

However, in the case of Bean to bar chocolate makers like BeeTee's Melt Chocolate, the cacao butter is not separated and the goodness of the cacao butter is retained in the chocolate.

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Base for Chocolate

Cacao, sugar, and cacao butter are three ingredients that form the basis for all different types of chocolates. Depending on how much of each ingredient is used in making chocolate will determine what kind of chocolate it becomes.

For example, unsweetened chocolate is made of only cacao beans but no sugar. Dark chocolate uses more cocoa butter than milk chocolate does. Semisweet and bittersweet have similar amounts to each other, although semisweet has less sugar added in its recipe.

The higher percentage of cocoa bean used in making any kind of dark or bittersweet chocolate results in a stronger flavor overall. White chocolates are usually sweeter too since they make use of vanilla flavoring instead of using vanilla beans.

Chocolate makers blend these ingredients to create different kinds of chocolates.

Different types of Chocolate

We had seen the about the chocolate, its history and the making of it. Now is the right time to jump into the different types of chocolate available in the market.

Here are the different types of chocolate you will find in the market

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Bittersweet Chocolate
  • Ruby Chocolate
  • Couverture Chocolate
  • Compound Chocolate
  • Vegan Chocolate
  • Bean to Bar Chocolate
  • Sugarfree Chocolate
  • Keto-Friendly Chocolate
  • Organic Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is the most popular form of chocolate for many people. This may be because of its sweet flavor or its smooth texture. This type of chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, flavorings, vanilla, and lecithin to create a pleasant taste in your mouth.

The main ingredient, cacao beans, is used in milk chocolate less than it is for other types of chocolate. That is why milk chocolate does not have a strong taste in it.

Because the cocoa butter content in this type of chocolate is so low, many people can eat milk chocolate even if they have allergies to nuts or soybeans. Sugar makes up 45-60% of the mix that forms milk chocolate which means that more sugar will be added to any recipe that you make with it compared to dark or bittersweet chocolates.

Chocolate mostly uses cow's milk powder but sometimes they are made with other types of dairy products like goat's milk. (Please leave a comment about chocolate made from goat milk ).

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a favorite among individuals who love the taste of pure cocoa beans.

Due to this, dark chocolate has a texture that is oftentimes much harder than milk or white chocolates. Dark chocolate must contain at least 50-70% sugar and rarely uses dairy products so it never becomes runny or greasy after being melted.

There are a variety of possible flavors from mint to coffee that you can add to your cocoa powder mix before making dark chocolate bars. The trick with adding flavorings is to use as little as possible because then your dark chocolate will not have its standard taste.

The amount of cocoa butter in dark chocolates normally ranges from 30-50%. This means that many people can eat them even if they have allergies

White Chocolate

The main ingredient that makes up white chocolate is sugar, followed by milk or cream, and then other flavors like vanilla or butter.

Unlike dark chocolate, white chocolates do not have any cacao beans in them so they do not have any cocoa solids. Instead, white chocolates are made from a mix of sweetened cocoa butter and milk solids which gives it a creamy taste. Some white chocolate has the percentage of cocoa butter up to 20%.

This means that you will never find an aftertaste when consuming white chocolates because there is no bitterness in them. White chocolates are also known to be sweet which makes them one of the more popular types of chocolate on the market today.

This type of chocolate only uses butterfat and powdered milk instead of actual dairy products so anyone with an allergy can still eat it without any worries.

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Bittersweet Chocolate

Bittersweet chocolate is known for its intense taste and thin texture. This type of chocolate uses a higher percentage of cacao solids than dark chocolate but it does not add in any sugar. Instead, bittersweet chocolates only use flavorings like vanilla or butter to enhance the taste.

Many people love bittersweet chocolates because they can enjoy the taste of pure cocoa beans without having too much sweetness in them. Bittersweet chocolates typically use about 30-50% cacao and 25-35% sugar so it has many similarities with dark chocolates.

Because this kind of chocolate does not have any milk added to it, people who are lactose intolerant can eat bittersweet chocolates without getting any side effects.

Ruby Chocolate

100% cocoa beans are the primary ingredient in ruby chocolate. The key difference between dark chocolate and ruby chocolate is that they use a different process to make this type of candy.

Instead of mixing cocoa solids with sugar, ruby chocolates only contain smooth cacao butter which gives them a rich texture. This type of chocolate uses 0-20% sugar while its other ingredients include flavorings or milk fat instead of dairy products.

People who have eaten ruby chocolate say that it has a fruity taste that reminds them of berries because it does not have any bitterness in it. Cocoa butter also helps give this kind of chocolate its thinness so many people can eat it without having too much thought about it.

Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is a favorite among many people who love to make homemade chocolates and baking. This is also called Baking Chocolate. This type of chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa butter so it melts much easier than other types.

Couvertures are perfect for dipping fruits or creating different treats because they never become too hard when cooled down.

This type of chocolate contains about 60-70% cacao which makes it quite thick with a milky taste that is perfect for baking.

This means that you can make pastries or cakes with this type of chocolate without having any worries about its flavor. Most bakers will melt their chocolate before adding it in with other ingredients since it does not tend to mix well together when combined cold.

The most popular way to use this kind of chocolate is by using baking bars which contain both cocoa butter and milk fat. This allows for a unique blend that offers many benefits such as creating a unique texture and making them easier to melt than straight

Compound Chocolate

This type of chocolate has a higher percentage of sugar than couverture since it uses fillings that contain high amounts of sugar to create different textures.

Instead of using cocoa beans, compound chocolates use fillings that can be made from different ingredients. This includes starch and fat that is mixed with sugar and flavorings to create a unique taste.

Compound chocolate can either be creamy or hard depending on what kind of filling you buy and the amount of sugar it contains.

The texture created by compound chocolates can range from soft and creamy to crunchy depending on the fillings used for the recipe which makes them versatile in their own ways.

Since this type of chocolate does not have any cocoa solids added to it, it cannot be melted down so you cannot use compound chocolate

Vegan Chocolate

Many people love chocolate because it is a dessert that they can eat almost every day without feeling guilty. Vegan chocolate bars are popular with these kinds of people since they are made completely free from any dairy products so they are safe for anyone to eat.

This type of chocolate contains no dairy, soy, or lactose which makes them great for people who have allergies related to these ingredients. Vegans also love this kind of chocolate because it does not harm any animals in the process of making it, unlike other types that use cow milk or eggs in the recipe.

BeeTee's Melt Chocolate produces 72% dark chocolate which is completely vegan.

Bean to Bar Chocolate

Many people love eating chocolate from different brands but what you might not know is that there are those who make it as well. Bean to bar chocolate makers use cocoa beans as their main ingredients and create a unique blend, adding other ingredients such as sugar or flavorings to come up with a taste that is perfect for them.

Every bean-to-bar chocolate maker has its own way of making the chocolate so even if the chocolates look alike, they can still have a distinct taste depending on who made them. This makes this kind of chocolate unique since there are no two bars out there that taste exactly alike.

This type of chocolate is often made by hand which makes them different from most other types. Bean-to-bar chocolates is made using cocoa beans which give them a richer taste than normal chocolate bars.

Typically, this kind of chocolate is expensive since it uses more cocoa beans and takes longer to make but the process is worth the results. This also makes bean to bar chocolate beneficial for those who like dark and bitter-tasting treats because they contain pure cacao instead of sugar and additives that sweeten the flavor.

Sugarfree Chocolate

Sugar-free chocolate is really tasty since it contains no sugar which makes them the most popular for diabetics who want to enjoy the same taste of chocolate but without increasing their blood glucose levels.

By using sweetening agents like stevia or xylitol, one can make a delicious treat that has less than 5 grams of sugar per serving instead of the usual 15 grams found in most treats. This also makes this kind of chocolate beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight since it does not have any sugar added into it.

The texture may be different from other types but if you can remember what cocoa tastes like, then you will enjoy these treats as much as you would with other kinds.

Keto-Friendly Chocolate

Keto-friendly chocolate is great for people who are on keto diets. By using healthy ingredients such as protein powder and coconut oil, you can create delicious treats that will help you lose weight and stay in shape during your diet.

By taking out the sugar and replacing it with other ingredients, anyone can enjoy this kind of chocolate even if they are on a special diet or just want to try something new.

Organic Chocolate

Health-conscious people love organic chocolate because it is made using ingredients that are grown in small farms without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This makes them safer to eat since they have no risk of being exposed to dangerous chemicals while being harvested by farmers.

The process for making organic chocolate takes longer than normal but since no harmful chemicals are used, this type of chocolate tastes great and is safe for everyone who eats it.

Other Chocolate Products

Other than chocolate bars, some of the famous types of chocolates are listed below,

Chocolate chips

Chocolate chips are tiny pieces of chocolate that are used in different types of desserts. Most of them are dark or semi-sweet for making treats but some can also be milk or white chocolate, depending on the recipe.

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Chocolate spreads

Chocolate spreads are often used in different types of desserts such as toast and crackers. People can enjoy it right out of the jar or spread over their favorite food, depending on what they like to eat with chocolate.

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Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is derived from cocoa beans that have been roasted then ground into fine powder. The cocoa powder will contain nutrients such as fiber, minerals, and antioxidants which makes this type of chocolate fairly healthy despite having sugar added to it.

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The choices and types of chocolate are almost endless and it is these that make the perfect sweet treat at your next party. So what type of chocolate do you like?

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