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No sugar!!

Posted by BeeTee's Melt on

Our cacao beans sourced from Vietnam and Kerala are some of the best beans in the world. In addition, we don’t separate cacao butter from the beans when we make our chocolate. We retain all of the cacao butter goodness so our chocolates will melt in your mouth. Good quality cacao beans contain 40% to 50% cacao butter. The percentage in a chocolate bar refers to the % of cacao in it. Our 72% Dark Chocolate bar is 72% cacao goodness (cacao beans + cacao butter) and 28% sugar. When it comes to sweeteners, we choose between coconut, palm, brown, muscovado or refined sugar (only for the 48% milk chocolate) to enhance the flavor profile of the chocolate. Our vegan coconut milk chocolate made with coconut milk is sweetened with coconut sugar to enhance the velvety taste. Our chocolates are completely gluten free and soya free so you can now indulge with no guilt.

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