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Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate - Which One is Better?

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Milk chocolate and dark chocolate are two types of chocolate that vary significantly from each other, but eaters who enjoy the sweet treat often have a hard time choosing between the two.

Both the chocolates have their own advantages and disadvantages. The cocoa content, sugar, milk fats, and flavorings are just a few of the characteristics that separate these two sweet treats. However, there is one question that many sweet lovers want to know: Which chocolate is better? 

The question as to which one is better has been around for quite some time now, with many chocoholics claiming that they can't choose just one type. Let's look at what makes these two types of chocolate so different in order to determine whether or not it is possible to pick a favorite.

Milk Chocolate

It is exactly what its name suggests: chocolate that has milk and sugar added to it. It is very sweet and creamy and has a texture that can be chewy or hard depending on how much cocoa butter there is in it.

The flavor of chocolate tends to be milder than the darker counterpart because of the use of little or no pure cocoa solids. Despite this, milk chocolates do contain small amounts of caffeine due to the natural content found in cacao seeds.

Milk Chocolates may vary from brand to brand, but most brands use at least 10% cacao solids along with varying amounts of sugars (milk solids) which make up anywhere from 35-50% of the bar.

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Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is the type of chocolate that uses pure cacao solids or cacao beans to give it its flavor.

This type of chocolate does not contain milk added to it and is thus significantly lower in sugar content than milk chocolate. This also means that dark chocolate contains less fat than milk chocolates because cocoa butter can only be added up to a certain point when it is mixed with sugars.

Dark Chocolate is generally considered healthier than Milk Chocolates since it contains more fiber and fewer calories per gram because of its high-fat content. A square or two of this type of chocolates may provide the same amount of happiness that one gets from eating a whole bar of milk chocolate.

The Ingredients - What Makes Them Different?

There are several significant differences between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, but the main difference is that milk chocolates contain milk solids, while dark chocolate does not.

Milk Chocolate is made up of cocoa solids, which are fermented and dried by-products of cacao seeds. These solids are then mixed with varying amounts of milk solids to give the chocolate its creamy texture.

Milk chocolate also contains sugar, another important ingredient that gives it its sweetness, along with flavorings such as vanilla, caramel, or nuts.

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Dark Chocolates uses unsweetened cocoa paste prepared from crushed cacao beans for flavoring. There are no other additives in this type of chocolate apart from additional sugar if it has been sweetened.

It also does not contain any milk or dairy products which makes it a more healthy option compared to milky chocolates.


The milk in milk chocolate which makes this variety sweeter compared to dark chocolate. This is because sugar is added during the conching process in order to mask the bitterness that results from using unsweetened cacao.

Dark chocolate, on the other hand, does not contain added sugars and its taste can be described as both bitter and sweet at once due to the high concentration of cocoa content it contains.


As previously mentioned, these two types of chocolates also differ in terms of their texture. Milk chocolate which is smoother than dark since it contains more refined sugar which reduces the number of crystals that form during production thus creating a creamy consistency. Its texture can range from soft or chewy to hard depending on whether or not extra cocoa butter is added.

As for dark chocolate, its texture can vary based on the percentage of cocoa content it contains. The more cocoa solids there are the harder the texture since cocoa butter cannot be mixed with any other ingredients like milk or sugar. This means that dark chocolate will contain no additional fats and therefore has a crumbly texture when chewed.

Pure Cacao

This brings us to another difference between these two types of chocolates: The amount of pure cacao contained within them. Pure cacao contains about 300 ingredients while cocoa solids contain only 81 ingredients, most of which are fatty acids.


The inclusion of milk solids in milk chocolate makes it less intense than dark chocolate and causes it to melt more quickly. This means that people who like milk chocolate prefer it for its milder taste and because they do not like the intense flavor of dark chocolate.

Which is Healthier - Dark chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

However, there are some benefits to having a higher percentage cocoa solid content such as:

  • Helps reduce blood pressure (which is good for preventing heart attacks and strokes)
  • Provides antioxidants (which can help fight cancer)

Milk chocolates contain a higher percentage of feel-good chemicals, which makes them more addictive.

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Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of fiber than milk chocolate due to the use of less refined sugar and an increase in the fat percentage that results from not adding any additional milk products such as refined sugar and milk.

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help fight cancer. Dark chocolate results in less weight gain and fat gain.

Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate

Both milk and dark chocolates contain health benefits but they also have a lot of differences. Milk chocolate is sweeter, melts more quickly, and contains more feel-good chemicals due to the added sugar while dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can help fight cancer.

That being said, some people don't like the bitterness that results from pure cacao in dark chocolate and find it harder to chew.

Ultimately, the decision of which type of chocolate to consume comes down to personal preference.

Thank you for reading! I hope this article was helpful in understanding the differences between milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

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