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Can you eat Raw Chocolate?

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Raw chocolate is a type of chocolate that is made with cocoa beans that have been roasted at a low temperature. It is sometimes called "natural" or "pure" chocolate.

Raw chocolate has become popular in recent years because some people believe that it is healthier than regular chocolate.

Raw foods

Raw foods are foods that have not been cooked, processed, or refined in any way. This means that they are in their natural state and have not been altered in any way. This also includes food that has been minimally processed, such as cold-pressed juices and raw nuts.

Raw foods are packed with nutrients and enzymes that are essential for good health. When you cook or process food, many of these nutrients and enzymes are destroyed. By eating raw foods, you are getting all of the benefits that these foods have to offer.

In addition to being nutritious, raw foods can also taste amazing. There are many raw foods that taste just as good, if not better, than their cooked counterparts. Some of the most popular types of raw foods include fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and dairy products like milk and cheese.

As per the Raw Food Specialists, the raw foods will not be heated above the temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 45 degrees Celsius to maintain all of their enzymes intact.

If you are interested in incorporating more raw foods into your diet, there are many ways to do so. You can start by adding a few raw snacks or meals each day, such as a smoothie for breakfast or some fresh veggies with dip for a snack. Over time, you may find that you enjoy eating mostly raw foods and benefit greatly from doing so!

Populairty of Raw Foods

The popularity of raw foods has been growing steadily in recent years. This is largely due to the many health benefits that are associated with eating a diet rich in raw foods, as well as the fact that these foods often taste great and can be easily incorporated into a variety of different meal and snack options.

The movement of raw food ism, or the practice of eating primarily or exclusively raw foods, has been gaining popularity around the world. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Carrie Underwood, and Woody Harrelson are all known to follow a raw food diet.

There are many reasons why someone might choose to eat a diet that is rich in raw foods. For some, it is a way to detoxify the body and cleanse the system. For others, it is a way to improve energy levels, lose weight, or get relief from digestive issues. Whatever the reason may be, there are many people who are choosing to incorporate more raw foods into their diets.

What is Raw Chocolate?

Raw chocolate is a type of chocolate made using cocoa beans that have been roasted at a low temperature. The beans are then ground into a paste, which is used to make chocolate.

Raw chocolate has a strong, bitter taste and is often used in recipes that call for regular chocolate.

As per the Raw Food Specialists, the cacao beans will be roasted at a temperature less than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to that, all the remaining ingredients need to be raw including cocoa butter, sugar, and other ingredients.

How raw chocolate is made?

Usually, cacao beans are roasted at around 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the beans are roasted, they are then ground into a paste. The paste is then used to make chocolate.

However, Raw chocolate is made by first roasting the cocoa beans at a low temperature or without roasting the cacao beans. The beans are then put into a food processor where they’re ground into a thick paste. After that, the paste is combined with raw cocoa butter and other raw ingredients to create chocolate.

Difference between Bean to Bar Chocolate and Raw Chocolate

The following are the difference between raw chocolate and bean to bar chocolate,


The main difference between bean-to-bar chocolate and raw chocolate is that bean-to-bar chocolate uses roasted cocoa beans while raw chocolate uses unroasted cocoa beans.


Raw chocolate has a stronger, more bitter taste than regular chocolate because the beans are not roasted.


Raw chocolate is also less sweet than regular chocolate because it does not use refined sugar.


Raw chocolate is also made with other raw ingredients, such as sugar and milk, while bean to bar chocolate is usually made with just cocoa beans and cocoa butter.

Is raw chocolate really raw?

There is some debate around whether raw chocolate is truly raw. Some sources claim that it must be made from unroasted cocoa beans, with no other ingredients added or heated above a certain temperature. Others argue that the process of grinding the beans and mixing them with cocoa butter does qualify as heating, even if the temperature remains low.

At this point, there is no clear consensus on what constitutes "raw" chocolate. As such, they prefer to eat raw chocolate in order to preserve these properties as much as possible.

In my opinion, the answer is no, raw chocolate is not really raw. The cocoa beans are roasted at a low temperature, which means they are not in their natural state.

Raw chocolate also uses other ingredients that are not in their natural state. Sugar is generally extracted from sugar cane using a chemical process, and milk is often pasteurized to kill any harmful bacteria. This means that the sugar and milk powder used in raw chocolate is not in their natural form, which can impact the taste and nutritional content of the chocolate.

However, raw chocolate is made with less processing than regular chocolate and has more nutrients and enzymes because of this.

This type of chocolate has become popular in recent years due to its perceived health benefits, and it is often referred to as "natural" or "pure" chocolate. While there is some debate over whether raw chocolate is actually healthier than regular chocolate, many people still enjoy it for its unique flavor and texture.

Is raw chocolate healthy?

There is some debate over whether raw chocolate is actually healthier than regular chocolate. In my opinion, there is not enough research at this point to answer definitively whether or not raw chocolate is healthier than regular chocolate. More research is needed on both the potential benefits and risks of eating raw chocolate.


Some people believe that raw chocolate is healthier than regular chocolate because it contains more antioxidants and nutrients. These compounds can have various health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and protecting against disease.

However, some experts argue that these benefits are overstated and that raw chocolate may not be healthier than regular chocolate.


Raw chocolate also has some risks that should be considered. For example, raw cocoa beans can contain contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning.


This is due to the fact that raw chocolate contains fewer cocoa solids and more sugar, which can lead to negative side effects such as weight gain if eaten in large quantities.


Raw chocolate also contains enzymes that are destroyed during the roasting process. Enzymes are important for many bodily functions, including digestion and metabolism. Some people believe that consuming raw chocolate can help improve these functions.

Overall, there is no clear consensus on whether raw chocolate is healthier than regular chocolate. While it does contain some nutrients that may offer some health benefits, it also has potential risks that should be considered before eating it.

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to eat raw chocolate will depend on individual preferences and values.


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